Goodbye WordPress, hello WordPress!

While the hosting at is nice (here we’d like to thank WordPress Team for giving us the opportunity to create something valuable on the web completely for free!), we’ve decided to move – mostly for two reasons:

  • to make our blog’s URL shorter and more professional ­čśë
  • to have greater flexibility and control over our stuff.

We apologize everyone for the inconvenience of having to change subscription settings – we hope to give you some extra value to make the effort worth it!

Right now (and for the decades to come, i hope!) you can find us at┬á Of course, in the new location we’re still using WordPress blogging software, so in a way very little had changed ­čÖé┬á Big thumbs up for the WordPress Team for making the transition easy and painless – import and export features worked great for us.

Many thanks to Paul Morris (and for hosting on their servers! I’m also very grateful for Paul’s and Urs Liska’s help with the move itself – this was excellent teamwork ­čÖé

As a consequence of being on our own, we were able to easily access all configuration files – and we used that opportunity to redesign the layout of the blog (thanks go again to the WordPress for providing the Twenty Twelve theme for free, and to Paul Morris for adapting it to our needs :-)).┬á We hope you like it!

LilyPond Blog Team